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Trade News

In the bright sunny days of the May, the annual breathtaking industrial automation feast, Industrial Automation Beijing 2017 will be grandly staged at Beijing Exhibition Center on May 10-12, 2017. Different from the previous editions, this year’s show will launch six display sections including control technology, machinery infrastructure, sensor and connector, robots and robot accessories, digital factory and application park. A total of 210 leading enterprises from Germany, South Korea, the Netherlands, the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Turley, Singapore, Italy, Israel, Denmark and China Taiwan will showcase the latest automation products and technologies within a display area of 23,000 sqm. The display scale is steadily enlarged compared to last year. 2017 International Intelligent Manufacturing Conference will once again gather professional experts from China, Germany, the United States and Britain to deliver insightful speeches.

“In recent years, the hot international topic ‘Industrie 4.0’ has kept manufacturing enterprises to innovate and showcase the latest technology as well as automation application solutions in the exhibition platform.” Gary Liu, Managing Director of Hannover Milano Fairs China Ltd. says, “It is anticipated that the docking of ‘Made in China 2025’ and ‘Industrie 4.0’ would help the domestic enterprises to lengthen the short stave in technology innovation and create the elaborate works. Industrial Automation Beijing is such an efficient platform to promote the strategic docking and reflect the future of smart manufacturing.”


Six Display Sections Displaying Smart Manufacturing

With the implementation of Made in China 2025, Smart Manufacturing has become the main direction for the upgrading and transformation of Chinese industry. As the foundation of intelligent revolution, automation is undoubtedly the top priority. Under the new layout, this year’s show will launch six display sections including control technology, machinery infrastructure, sensor and connector, robots and robot accessories, digital factory and application park, aiming to establish the most professional, comprehensive and influential industrial automation event in the north market. Main exhibitors include Phoenix , Siemens, Rockwell, Beckhoff, Turck, IFM, Cognex, ELCO, Eplan, Weidmueller, Pilz, Hilscher, Hiwin, Elmo, KOYO, NB China, Schmalz, Autonics, Schmersal, Bernstein, Pentair, Dongan, YOUNGSUN, Han's Motor, Moons’, Hongfa.

It is worth mentioning that digital factory has gained increasing attentions from enterprises as a vital system which protects the manufacturing process. In response to this demand, this year’s show will introduce digital factory show of the global manufacturing technology benchmark, HANNOVER MESSE. The first debut of Digital Factory in Industrial Automation Beijing 2017 will bring the top-notch industrial concept and technology and showcase the integrated solutions which control the manufacturing process through a series of means including integration, simulation, analysis and control.


New Application Park Building the Automation Application Platform

As a perfect display platform where the supply meets the demand, Industrial Automation Beijing has spared no effort to keep up with the market pace, taking the responsibility to create values for enterprises. This year’s show will introduce application park for automation products for the first time, inviting leading industrial enterprises to deliver speeches on four hot topics including automobile manufacturing, intelligent packaging, agricultural machinery manufacturing and smart city, promoting the upgrading and transformation of manufacturers by jointly exploring the intelligent manufacturing applications and solutions.

Hilscher, the global industrial network communications expert, will share its latest cloud communication solutions in the automobile manufacturing session. Pilz, Schmalz and Cognex will make their presence in the intelligent packaging session, bringing totally different inspirations for packaging production line. Nanda Automation Technology will deliver insightful speech in the smart city session. Other industrial pioneers will also share solid industrial knowledge on the site, bringing spectacular and inspirational performances.


Professional Events Interpreting Smart Manufacturing Trend

A series of professional events will be held during the show, including 2017 International Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, Intelligent manufacturing set off - A Salon of  Study on the Trend of Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Automation in China, MM·Intelligence Automation Industrial Application Seminar, 2017 International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Manufacturing Technology--Intelligence promotes industry upgrading, robot changes industrial manufacturing and the Sixth Industrial Control System Information Security Summit 2017, which will share the innovative results and promote the industrial exchange in the different application areas such as automobile, packaging, food and beverage, electronics and automation.

Besides, the organizers are promoting the market with great efforts by combining the new media technologies this year. A series of events including Wheel of Fortune and group recommendation is aiming to invite visitors to pre-register with multiple benefits, which continuously strengthens the communication and interaction with visitors all over the country and further promotes the humanization and facilitation of the show. During the show, mainstream media from home and abroad as well as professional industrial media will also report on the site, bringing the most comprehensive media coverage in time.

Promoting the industrial automation at present and achieving the intelligent manufacturing in the future, Industrial Automation Beijing 2017 is dedicated to providing a perfect platform for global enterprises and buyers to achieve smart manufacturing and explore enormous opportunities. The show is sponsored by Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and organized by Deutsche Messe AG and Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.




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